Message from the Chairman of the Board

It is common knowledge that Butte is a world-class tourist destination, however, our economy is built upon more than our beautiful geography, rich culture, and amazing history. We are a community full of economic possibilities! There’s an energy in Butte that invigorates, strengthens, and inspires innovation and entrepreneurism.

Mining City Mud

Mining City Mud is a coffee kiosk located on the corner of Platinum and Excelsior Streets started by Elizabeth Carpenter in August of 2016. The miner’s cottage kiosk and authentic mine cart out front, coupled with the authentic Butte branding create a locally owned and operated coffee solution for your on the go needs.

The Miner’s Hotel

The Miner’s Hotel now consists of eight rooms, each with its own bathroom. Just as it was 102 years ago, the Miner’s Hotel has an ideal location. It is within walking distance to breweries, a distillery, restaurants, bars, a theater, and other businesses located within the historic district of Uptown Butte.

The Importance of Family

Butte’s family-owned businesses are the true heart and soul of the Butte economy. These important businesses have led innovation and have sustained local philanthropic efforts for over a hundred years. These enterprises have provided mentorship resulting in wealth and security, which has been handed down from generation to generation.

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