We’re excited to begin our 2023 membership drive and continue to focus on enhancing the economic vitality of our community.

Your membership helps us to provide the programs that are so helpful to our members; to budding entrepreneurs looking to start businesses here in Butte; to existing businesses looking to expand; and to those seeking to move their businesses (and new jobs!) to our town.

A BLDC Membership is your investment in Butte! Investment in:

  • Primary Sector Jobs for Butte
    • Investment in jobs that support our economy
  • Crucial Loans for New & Existing Businesses
    • Investment in and support for small businesses
  • Grant Writing & Technical Assistance
    • Investment in resources for Butte businesses
  • Collaboration with the State of Montana
    • Investment in Montana’s business attraction efforts
  • Collaboration with Local Partners
    • Investment in key relationships that foster primary sector jobs


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