Thank you to Butte festival organizers, volunteers and Butte businesses and citizens for your donations and hard work making the 2016 festival season another huge success. You all delivered once again!

The BLDC recognizes the importance of our festivals to the Butte economy. We know they attract both first-time and repeat visitors who travel to Butte from around the state, the nation and the world. We know these festivals enhance our community image, and provide activities and spending opportunities for Butte folks and visitors. We also know Butte will continue to experience a positive economic impact even after the summer festival season ends.

There’s definitely a multiplier effect to the number of times a dollar changes hands within our community during the festival season. We’ve seen growth in our community– new hotels, new restaurants, and new Butte businesses – due directly to the success of the festivals. This economic cycle repeats itself every year. Our festivals are definitely our signature draw to a historic city that has so much more to offer.

The positive economic impact, festival-goers’ excellent reviews, and the number of return visitors are all strong indicators that these events stimulate our economy and serve as effective community development tools.

In other words, Butte festivals clearly make a lasting impact and noticeable difference on the economic health and well-being of our community.

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