In Butte, Montana, we are a community full of possibilities! There’s an energy in Butte that invigorates, strengthens, and inspires innovation and entrepreneurism. We have a strong sense of culture and place focused on the importance of protecting and advancing our community and local businesses. Here in Butte, we understand the change we wish to see and be a part of comes from the partnerships and connections we make. Together, we have united to inspire and introduce the values of our community with a new generation and across the state, becoming the community of choice to live, work, and play.

The Butte Local Development Corporation (BLDC) is proud to be Butte-Silver Bow County’s official public/private organization for economic development. Our mission is to lead our community in building a stronger and more diverse economy. We want to put Butte on a path to higher growth through improved productivity of our local organizations, new businesses, and people in ways that lead to better incomes and living standards. Beyond one-time job creation schemes and one-off programs, we at the BLDC want to create better outcomes for community by championing change each and every day.

However, we alone cannot generate the positive change we all desire to see. Change comes through a continued partnership with everyone at the table, whether you are a small business owner or CEO. To create positive and effective change, it is vital to have both public and business engagement. Here at the BLDC, we want to engage our community at the table of civic responsibility to design and drive change that builds a stronger, shared future. Together, we can champion transformative, long-term change!

Whether you’re an individual committed to bettering the Butte community, a small business trying to make their mark on the world, or a major employer looking to expand operations, we invite you to become a champion of change in our community by joining the BLDC membership. Your membership represents a commitment to enhancing the future of our business community, neighborhoods, and quality of life in Butte.

If you’re ready to invest in the economic development of our community, or would like more information, please call us at 406.723.4349 or visit our membership page to request more information.

Thank you for continuing to make Butte the ideal location to live, work, and play!



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