mont-resc-logoThe Butte Local Development Corporation extends our heartiest congratulations to Montana Resources (MR) for completing 30 wonderful years of success. For three solid decades, MR has brought quality Butte jobs, substantial government revenues, millions in local purchases and services, and opportunities for economic growth and diversification. BLDC is deeply grateful to Montana Resources, its leadership, and all MR employees for their commitment to Butte.

In the last year, Montana Resources spent over $18 million at local Butte businesses for goods and services, and another $8.7 million in taxes paid to the county. Statewide, MR made another $10 million in purchases and paid nearly $4 million in state taxes. Significantly, the latter amount does not include the substantial wages paid to their 370 employees.

mr-caterpillarThe impact of this company on the Butte economy is substantial and greatly appreciated. The ripple effect of Montana Resources’ operations over the past 30 years has created and sustained hundreds of jobs in Butte and the region. Last year alone, Montana Resources contributed $74 million to the Montana economy.

Finally, the folks at Montana Resources are socially and civically committed to our community. In 2015, they contributed over $1.4 million in grants to local charities, festivals, and civic organizations.  Montana Resources is truly a stellar leader of our beloved community.

Happy Anniversary, Montana Resources. Here’s to another 30 years of success!

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