Resodyn Acoustic Mixers

Something pretty darn impressive happened in Butte, Montana in September, 2016.  Larry Farrar,  Resodyn Corporation president and founder, hosted the company’s 6th annual, four-day “Mixer Conference.” Nine companies sent 66 scientists, engineers, and corporate executives from large international firms to Butte for three days to see how Resodyn Acoustic Mixers can boost their operations’ profits.

What is a Resodyn Acoustic Mixer? It’s the first-of-a-kind, advanced resonant mixing and processing system that drastically increases the productivity and capabilities of high-end and complex mixing processes. The technology has 22 patents, with another 26 in the process.

Launched in 2004, Resodyn Acoustic Mixers has become the “mixing technology of choice” for numerous industries, including the U.S. Department of Defense, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. The technology has broad-based applications across a variety of industries– from propellants and explosives to biotechnology products and pharmaceutical compounds. Resodyn Mixers are sold in 24 countries. Resodyn keeps sales and support offices in Japan, South Korea and in Bordeaux, France.

Resodyn Acoustic Mixers rolled out its first product line in 2007. The patented technology has evolved from batch mixers to continuous processing; soon it will be used in systems that conduct continuous chemical reactions. The latter promises to be a great market opportunity as the technology grow.

Resodyn used the September conference as a platform to teach its clients about the technology and how to save them time and money. Larry invited me to a reception the evening prior, when I met participants eager to learn all they could about Resodyn’s Acoustic Mixer — and how it can improve their companies’ bottom line. The following three days included rich technical and business content, as leaders from a dozen different companies gave presentations. Several posters on display explained how companies use the Resodyn technology.

The Hennessy Building in Uptown Butte. Home of Resodyn Acoustic Mixers

The famous Hennessy Building in Uptown Butte- home of the Resodyn Corporation

Resodyn Corporation has 35 employees — scientists, engineers, sales, business and support personnel. It is headquartered in Uptown Butte in the Hennessy building. But it all started in the corner of Larry’s garage in 1989, within a company called Montec Research. Ultimately, the company became Resodyn Corporation, formed in 1994.

Like Resodyn, Larry’s Butte Mixer has had a substantial impact on Butte. Because Larry drew hundreds of representatives from international companies to Butte to view his technology and spend four days in our community allowing us to showcase Butte’s strengths. Resodyn is located in our community because Larry says he can get things done here. Our community, he says, offers an affordable lifestyle with all of the amenities, plus he has access to engineers and scientists from Montana Tech of the University of Montana and Montana State University, making it easy to recruit talent.

The icing on the cake? His employees really want to be here!

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