The Miner’s Hotel is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The current building was built in 1913 and completed in 1915 as the Miner’s Savings and Trust Co. The bank occupied the ground floor office until 1965. A United States Post Office occupied the ground floor until mid-90. Upstairs, Lawrence and Katherine Graves were the longtime proprietors of the “Miner’s Bank Block Furnished Rooms.” Among their thirty-five lodgers in 1930 were an architect, an actress, a teacher, a salesmen and of course miners. Also curiously lodged under the same roof were a government Prohibition agent, Carol Olson, and declared bootlegger, Henry Alexis.   We aren’t sure which rooms they occupied, if they knew the other’s profession or if they ran into each other in our hallways. This is just one of many “Butte” stories we hope you will discover on you stay here.

In its hay day the Miner’s Hotel consisted of 42 rooms with a sink in each room. There were six shared bathrooms on each floor. The Miner’s hotel naturally housed miners and rooms were often shared by as many as three to four men at a time. They would only use these rooms to sleep and to get ready for their next shift. As time went on the hotel transformed into a boarding house and apartments. The rooms were never expanded or changed during this time and the hotel remained the same up until 2014.

In 2014 the building was purchased by Ted and Cheryl Ackerman and their son Derek Ackerman. They began remodeling the second floor by taking out walls,

replacing windows and combining rooms into what the hotel looks like today. While we have preserved the integrity of the hallway, many of the rooms have undergone a complete transformation. The original woodwork has been restored to its original look. The dents, nicks and scratches all tell a tale of more than 100 years of joy, sorrow, celebration and the changing times. It is what gives the building its character.   All of the doors and knobs are original to the building. They have been cleaned and restored and retro fitted with new locks. The transoms, windows above the doors, have all been restored but are not in working order for security reasons.   As you may have noticed we have repurposed some of our older doors into the bed room head and foot boards. We were also able to give them another life as counter tops, desks and bathroom shelves in some of our rooms and coffee room.

The Miner’s Hotel now consists of eight rooms, each with its own bathroom. Just as it was 102 years ago, the Miner’s Hotel has an ideal location. It is within walking distance to breweries, a distillery, restaurants, bars, a theater, and other businesses located within the historic district of Uptown Butte. Some of the special features of the Miner’s Hotel include three vaults and a private parking lot which was once the home to Orpheum Theater. In our hallways and coffee room are many old time pictures of the Uptown Butte area. Currently the hotel is located on the second floor. The ground level is occupied by Butte Stuff and The Butte Labor History Center.

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