Protect your family while she’s protecting hers!

There are more people than ever recreating, hunting, fishing, and enjoying the wild lands of North America and elsewhere around the globe.  In many cases, they are doing so in the midst of prime grizzly/brown and black bear habitat, which has led to more conflicts among humans and bears than ever before.  With bear populations on the rise, the need for a reliable and effective bear deterrent is as important as ever.

At UDAP Industries, we provide our customers with bear spray and personal protection products that help keep people safe in bear country.  Our bear spray products are powerful and robust, with several sizes, including the largest can of bear spray on the market.  Our customers tell us that the power and reliability of our products is the reason that UDAP bear spray is one of the most trusted and relied upon bear spray products available in the marketplace.


UDAP produces three sizes of bear spray:

  • UDAP 7.9 oz. Bear Spray
  • UDAP 9.2 oz. Bear Spray
  • UDAP 13.4 oz. Bear Spray

Be prepared, carry bear spray, read the label, and know how to use it.  Practice makes perfect sense.

About UDAP Industries, Inc.

Started by grizzly attack survivor Mark Matheny in 1994, UDAP Industries, Inc. is now headquartered in Butte, Montana and manufactures, markets and distributes a variety of bear protection and personal defense products including bear sprays, bear electric fences, bear resistant canisters, personal pepper sprays, stun guns, and accessories. Their aerosols sprays feature the most potent, pepper spray formulas available. UDAP Industries’ products are used by a variety of professional outdoorsmen, educators, and park rangers in Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier national parks and are available throughout North America.

Mark and UDAP products are perhaps best known for his now famous bloody face photo, taken 20 minutes after he was mauled. For Mark’s full story visit:

UDAP’s New Griz Guard® Holster for 2017

UDAP Industries was awarded the best new hunting accessory for 2017 by Big Rock Sports. This took place in Las Vegas, NV at Big Rock Sports West Show.  “We are very excited about this award as this was the 1st event that our new bear spray item with Griz Guard® holster was featured”, said Tim Lynch UDAP’s General Manager. “We received an overwhelming amount of interest in our new item and are excited to begin shipping it to stores early this spring.” Big Rock Sports is a major distributor of sporting goods throughout the nation. UDAP has been A Big Rock vendor for several years. Working together, they provide UDAP products to many retail stores.

The Item (#12SO Bear Spray with Griz Guard® holster) is a new for UDAP and the bear spray industry. It is the first bear spray sold with an injected molded holster that allows the user to clip-it to their waist and other locations without the need to wear a belt.  The Griz Guard® holster still allows a person to deploy bear spray directly from the holster and like UDAP’s other holsters it provides quick, silent, and easy access to the trigger.

With more and more people enjoying the outdoors, not everyone wears a belt. “We see folks hiking in sweats and shorts all the time”, says Lynch. The Griz Guard® holster will make it easier to carry bear spray. It is more convenient to take the spray on and off as well.

UDAP products are made in the USA. For more information, visit

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