Resources for Entrepreneurs

Butte has fostered a culture of “risk-takers” since its early frontier days beginning in 1876 when pioneers and miners risked everything to strike it rich.  Today, Butte is known internationally as a haven for natural resource entrepreneurs and innovators, engineers and scientists, and a plethora of start-ups of all types and from all walks of life.

Our Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation’s mission is to connect, convene, foster and promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Butte.  We do this by…

  • CONNECTING our entrepreneurs and innovators with the resources and assistance they need to succeed. If an innovator needs help with funding, finding workspace, or building their network, we’ve identified and mapped the resources in the region, state and nationally to help them be successful.
  • CONVENEING our entrepreneurs and innovators by assisting our partners in forming Meetups and Networking events to encourage important networking and problem solving opportunities.
  • FOSTERING and PROMOTING our hard working entrepreneurs and innovators by telling their stories via social media, blogs, local media and national media.

For more information regarding resources for entrepreneurs, please complete the form below or call the BLDC at 406-723-4349.

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