Butte has met and exceeded a major challenge of the 21st century – to build infrastructure for a high-tech economy.  Butte is the first community in the state to construct and deploy a 2 gigabit fiber connection community wide.  Through a mix of state-of-the art hardware (two supercomputers) 2 gigabits of band width, software, and local government and corporate practices, the Butte community delivers the greatest possible benefits for Information Technology companies.

For mobile, cloud, collaboration, cybersecurity and other information technology (IT) companies, Butte provides a solid platform for business success. Butte’s IT assets also include a large base of skilled knowledge workers, an innovative climate for creative activities, convenient access to world markets, and public-private partnerships that turn research discoveries into commercial products.

An Economic Driver

Butte has deep roots in the technology, entrepreneurial and innovation sector.  Butte is the first community in the State to have 2 gigabytes of connectivity throughout the community connecting all schools, major employers, the local government, and small businesses.  We have two high performance computers, a data center, numerous high tech firms, and a new high-tech manufacturing center.  Butte’s IT companies enjoy a privileged position on the global telecommunications map), fiber optic connections and high-speed data links to anywhere.

Another of Butte’s IT assets is a growing skilled labor pool supported by graduates and students from Highlands College, the University of Montana – Montana Tech offering technology-related programs.

The Butte Local Development Corporation promotes the growth, success and awareness of the region’s technology and innovation community through our monthly networking opportunities – the Mile High Innovation Network and the Mile High Women’s Entrepreneurial Network. The purpose of these events are to help connect our entrepreneurs and innovators with companies, academia, capital resources and government to help ensure the immediate and future success of technology-related interests in Butte.

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