Targeted Industries

Butte Silver Bow is home to a number of target business sectors which are established, strong and growing industry clusters. From aviation and aerospace to global logistics, headquarters, life sciences, manufacturing, apparel and technology, Butte offers solid infrastructure to support these growing industries and clusters. Additionally, Butte is home to a highly trained and skilled workforce that ensures these industries continue to grow and prosper.

To learn more, please click below for examples of the target business sector industry clusters you’ll find in Butte:

Advanced Materials & High Tech Manufacturing
GE Aviation and SeaCast, Inc. have established a 50/50 joint venture, Montana Precision Products, to produce jet engine components in Butte. The Butte plant produces tubes, ducts and structural castings for GE jet engines like the GE90 and GEnx high-thrust models for large commercial jetliners. In addition, SeaCast is a world leader in the production of precision titanium investment casting

Universal Technical Resource Services’ Titanium Extraction, Mining and Process Engineering Research (TEMPER) provides opportunities for evaluating various alternatives to the Kroll method of producing low-cost titanium. Significant progress is being made in this study at the UTRS lab located in Butte.  Activities focus on selecting and testing alternative methods of titanium metal extraction that are less costly and operate with reduced pollutants relative to current technology. Non-traditional ore sources are also being evaluated in an effort to create a lower cost feed source for making titanium alloys that could be useful in numerous applications. Among other efforts, UTRS has designed and built a reactor at the UTRS lab to assess extraction technology based on electrolysis (both for qualitative testing and assessment for scalability).

Resodyn Acoustic Mixers, Inc. (RAM) has developed a full line of industrial mixers based on Resodyn Corporation’s Resonant Acoustic® technology. RAM mixers use low frequency, high intensity acoustic energy to fluidize the mix load so there are no impellers or mixing blades in the mixing chamber. These versatile mixers can quickly mix everything from high viscosity rocket propellant to pharmaceutical powders.

RECSilicon was commissioned in 1998, and this plant is the world’s largest supplier of Silane Gas (SiH4) and other Specialty Gases for semiconductor, flat panel display, glass, and solar applications. It is also owns the largest ISO silane gas module fleet in the industry, and employs nearly 300 Silver Bow County residents.

Apparel Manufacturing & Design
Purse for the People designs and manufactures beautiful handmade rattan hand bags available in several styles and shipped nationwide.

UPTOP clothing was developed by brothers Colt and Luke Anderson, and a group of like-minded friends who developed a clothing line that combines every lifestyle. Those who wear the brand have further inspired the company to continue sharing the idea of doing what you love with integrity, enjoyment, and in an original way.

Montanaco sets the newest and most fashionable trends for all outerwear apparel. Infused with unique European styles and a fit tailor-made for its customers, Montanaco offers a diverse collection of only the finest products.

Information & Communications Technologies
The National Center for Healthcare Informatics offers the expertise, funding, and systems support required to develop new and innovative solutions to address a variety of complex issues facing the healthcare industry.

Kenison Technical Services are Crystal report writing and data experts and Construction Accounting experts.

Life Sciences

The Resodyn Corporation Biosensor offers powerful molecular recognition technology, typically found in complex laboratory instruments, in a hand-held, field portable solution.

Corporate Headquarters

At the intersections of Interstates 15 and 90, Butte has everything a business needs to succeed. In addition to being ranked among the top locations in the country for entrepreneurial activity, Butte is home to a number of corporate headquarters and major operations, and these companies have found the benefits of growing in a region with a business-friendly, low tax environment. A few of Butte’s major operations are listed below:

REC Silicon (website)

Montana Precision Products (website)

Montana Resources (website)

Northwestern Energy (website)

Harrington Bottling Company (website)

Pioneer Technical (website)

Town Pump (website)

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