Chief Executive (Mayor)

Dave Palmer is the current Butte Silver Bow Chief Executive (elected mayor).  The Chief Executive officer serves the city and county of Butte-Silver Bow and assures that state and local laws are enforced. The chief executive:

  • Informs the Council of Commissioners of the state of governmental affairs;
  • Recommends measures to improve governmental operations and conditions within the city-county;
  • Appoints citizen Boards and Commissions;
  • Approves or vetoes all council bills (vetoes may be overridden by a two-thirds vote);
  • Calls Special Council meetings;
  • Negotiates collective bargaining agreements;
  • Presents and prepares financial reports.

The Chief Executive can be reached at (406) 497-6214 or

Council of Commissioners

The Butte Silver Bow County Council of Commissioners is the legislative branch of the Butte Silver Bow County government.  The council of commissioners is comprised of 12 members who are elected by district. Each commissioner must be a resident of the particular district for which seat he/she seeks election. The council meets in public session generally four times per month.

Cindi Shaw Chair, Commissioner, District 11
John Morgan Vice-Chair, Commissioner, District 3
Cindy Purdue- Dolan Commissioner, District 1
Sheryl Ralph Commissioner, District 2
John Sorich Commissioner, District 4
Dennis Henderson Commissioner, District 5
Jim Fisher Commissioner, District 6
Bud Walker Commissioner, District 7
Brendan McDonough Commissioner, District 8
Dan Foley Commissioner, District 9
Bill Andersen Commissioner, District 10
Dave Palmer Commissioner, District 12

For expanding and relocating businesses, county agencies vigilantly pursue opportunities to streamline and expedite permitting procedures, while building and maintaining a solid infrastructure for businesses and residents.

Butte Silver Bow Community Development Department

The Butte Silver Bow Community Development Department is the Butte Local Development Corporation’s partner in leading community and economic development efforts for the City-County of Butte-Silver Bow.

The Community Development Department oversees the functions of three Tax-Increment Financing Development Districts; the Urban Revitalization Agency (URA), the East Butte Renovation and Rehabilitation Agency (RRA), and the Montana Connections Business Development Park, an industrial development district, often referred to as the TIFID.

For more information on community development in and around Butte, refer to Worthe Butte-Silver Bow Community & Business Development website and the Montana Connections Business Development Park website.

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