Butte’s family-owned businesses are the true heart and soul of the Butte economy. These important businesses have led innovation and have sustained local philanthropic efforts for over a hundred years. These enterprises have provided mentorship resulting in wealth and security, which has been handed down from generation to generation.

The most striking thing about Butte’s family-owned businesses is the quality and the diversity of their products or services, as well as their true entrepreneurial spirit. How wonderful is it to walk into any one of these businesses and be greeted by your first name? Because of the family owned structure, these unique businesses bring their core family values to their operations, resulting in personalities that extend well beyond the walls of their business location and into the community as a whole. When times are tough, these family-owned businesses are less likely to lay individuals off, instead making sacrifices themselves to keep their “family” together. They know the true value of their business lies within their employees. The culture of Butte family-owned businesses has led to enduring relationships with customers, employees, and a supportive Butte community.

Butte’s family-owned businesses are significant contributors to our economy and community. They are diverse and their products are excellent, but even more important than that, these entities care. They are proud, humble, strong, entrepreneurial and innovative, inclusive, and they are emotionally involved and connected to our community. Butte’s family-owned businesses represent a unique and culturally important gem in the legacy of Butte.

The Butte Local Development Corporation is truly grateful to these important businesses, and we recognize and appreciate the significant social and economic impact they have made to the Butte community. Without them, Butte wouldn’t be as exceptionally extraordinary as it is today. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making Butte the richest hill on earth.

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